Accessibility Statement

General Information

Accessing any company’s website can pose challenges for individuals with certain disabilities. Disabilities vary, and what works well for one person may be difficult for another. Our company strives to accommodate as many customers as possible, considering our size, resources, and understanding of their needs. We’ve enlisted professionals to assist and advise us in these matters. For additional information on website access and accessibility statements, visit and

Accessibility on This Website

Our website offers various methods, features, and policies to enhance access. Additionally, most browsers provide third-party aids, discussed on websites like and If you encounter difficulties despite these features, please contact us for assistance (contact information provided below).

Specific Accessibility Features

This website includes a third-party plugin, UserWay Website Accessibility (“UserWay”). UserWay aims to adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). You can activate the UserWay widget by clicking “View in Accessibility Mode” in the footer. Once triggered, the widget remains accessible in the bottom left corner throughout the session.

Enabling the Accessibility Menu

Click the accessibility menu icon that appears after activating the UserWay widget. Wait for the accessibility menu to load fully.


We anticipate making periodic modifications to our website for accessibility improvement. Despite our efforts, certain content, features, or policies may still need improvement. Your suggestions are welcome.

Third-Party Applications

Third-party add-ons or “plug-ins” may be used on our website. We lack control over these elements’ structures and cannot modify them extensively. We are not responsible for aspects beyond our control.

We Are Here For You

If you face difficulties due to a disability, contact us for assistance. The provided telephone number is exclusively for individuals requiring help due to a disability or difficulty accessing our website. This number is not for sales or product information.

Contact Information

If you experience difficulty, call toll-free: (62) 813-59959-539, available 24/7. For email assistance, send detailed messages to

Privacy Assurance

Your privacy is strictly protected during telephone or email contact. No personal information is required unless you choose to provide it.

Accessibility Features References

For browser and third-party screen reader features, refer to

Third-Party Websites

Links to third-party websites may or may not have their own accessibility features. Some references to third-party accessibility policies are provided for convenience. Our website does not review or render opinions on these statements.

Third-Party References

The following references have not been reviewed or tested by our website:

  • Google (For Google Products)
  • Firefox Browser
  • Internet Explorer
  • Facebook Accessibility Policy
  • YouTube Accessibility Policy
  • Instagram Accessibility Announcement
  • Instagram Accessibility
  • Twitter Accessibility
  • LinkedIn Accessibility

For reference, the following have not been reviewed or tested, and their inclusion does not imply endorsement:

  • Third Party Screen Readers
  • JAWS
  • General discussion of Screen Readers by the American Foundation of the Blind


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